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We secure your identity

The liberty, which is gained through mobile computing; not one wants to miss that any more. Nowadays, secure accesses to delicate sensitive data are required. In order to cover this requirement considerable customers have already integrated the multi factor authentication solution Swiss SafeLab M.ID Server. They appreciate:

  • a multitude of authentication possibilities like text message, e-mail, app, security token, telephone, ...
  • an easy - and if required a redundant - integration into existing infrastructures
  • pure software solution
  • allows integration into Service Management Applications (Service Desk, Monitoring)
  • a variety of license models
  • 100% Swiss made


Text Messaging Service

Swiss SafeLab goes a step further and offers companies as well as private individuals  - in a cost-effective manner, powerful/high-performance text message providing. The outage of a well-known Swiss text message provider shows the vulnerability of the systems. Not so with Swiss SafeLab SMS providing. Our SMS providing offers access points (web services) inland and abroad.

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Swiss SafeLab M.ID Server

M.ID Server

Many two-factor authentication solutions are based on additional devices or OTP lists. However, with these it is always cumbersome to carry them along. M. ID solves this problem in an elegant way.

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OTP Authenticator

OTP Authenticator

Swiss SafeLab OTP Authenticator is a free strong one-time password app.

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Swiss SafeLab SMS Providing

SMS Providing Service

Swiss SafeLab SMS Providing is our cost-effective, powerful/high-performance international text message service which offers access points (web services) inland and abroad.

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Become a partner of Swiss SafeLab and add our products bent on high security and high availability to your portfolio.

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