OTP Authenticator

Swiss SafeLab OTP Authenticator

Swiss SafeLab OTP Authenticator App is currently unavailable in Google Playstore but it will be back soon. Apologies!
Use meanwhile the following download link: download .apk from Download Center

Swiss SafeLab OTP Authenticator is a free strong one-time password app fully compliant to the mOTP specification (http://motp.sourceforge.net/). mOTP is based on time synchronized one-time-passwords.

Swiss SafeLab OTP Authenticator Features:

  • MUI Support (English, German, Swiss German, French, Italian, Spanish)
  • multiple accounts with individual mOTP Secret and bookmark
  • configuration by QR Code scanning
  • supports bookmarks
  • define mOTP Secret by
    • manual mOTP Secret input
    • shaking the device
    • random seed input
  • supports 4 digit PIN (as by specification)
  • supports alphanumeric PIN
  • permanently hide mOTP Secret after profile creation
  • displays current epoch time, local time and local time zone
  • copy-to-clipboard support
  • option to generate new mOTPs without the requirement of entering PIN again
  • direct link to Citrix Receiver
  • supports integration of Device-ID into hashing algorithm
  • supports integration of a company secret (s. M.ID Server Feature)

Swiss SafeLab OTP Authenticator is available for Android (Google Play Store, .apk direct download link), iOS and Java ME and as a Microsoft Windows stand-alone application as well.

Swiss SafeLab OTP Authenticator is supported by our pure software-based two factor authentication solution Swiss SafeLab M.ID Suite.

Swiss SafeLab OTP Authenticator App

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