Product Description

M.ID Server Product Description

Many two-factor authentication solutions are based on additional devices or OTP lists. However, with these it is always cumbersome to carry them along. M. ID solves this problem in an elegant way: The OTP (one time password, which can also be referred to as a PIN, passcode) is sent as a text message to the user's cell phone. As almost every person in Europe and in the USA have a cell phone, no additional tokens have to be purchased. Alternatively the OTP can be generated by an App on smartphones or similar devices or sent through email to email reception capable devices.


M.ID is ...

simple, affordable and convenient

M.ID utilizies ...

mobile cellular phones for the proof of identity

M.ID provides ...

access control and Active Directory password reset


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M.ID Two Factor Authentication


Added Values

  • No additional harware for the user AND for the business operation necessary
  • Everyone can use their favourite mobile phone
  • No annual device service fees
  • Security, as mobile phones are used very often, and a loss is mostly detected immediately
  • User configuration only takes 1 minute
  • Immediate and inexpensive operation as neither OTP lists nor devices have to be sent
  • applicable worldwide (foreign corporate networks, internet shops, ...)
  • high acceptance as no user training is necessary
  • no adjustment for the end user necessary (software installation, dongle, ...)
  • It is developed in Switzerland – your direct access to fast and reliable support



  • Platform independent
  • modular expandable with different/various M.ID agents
  • Resilience by built-in multiple redundancy
  • Monitoring, logging, reporting and alerting functionalities
  • Web based administration / Service desk
  • Passcode notification also possible in case of a mobile phone loss
  • Passcode delivery also possible to the e-mail address  
  • Supports mOTP (alternative to the M.ID passcode delivery)
  • Integration of any user defined text message provider possible
  • Integration of any user defined text message provider possible
  • supports Blackberry
  • Active Directory Password reset
  • Self-management functions (facilitates Service Desk operations)
  • selectable complexity of the passcode token (length, numerical, alphanumerical)
  • Different modes for the passcode delivery available (triggered based on time, event, or challenge-response)
  • Validity of the passcode/token is configurable per user
    • One-time password (OTP), default
    • Validity on certain week days (e.g. Monday-Friday)
    • Valid for a defined amount of hours after activation

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Possible fields of application

  • Protects RADIUS capable appliances (Citrix Access Gateway, Sonic firewalls, Cisco, …)
  • Integration into Citrix web interface 4.5 / 4.6
  • Connection to the Citrix web interface 5.x
  • Integration into the Microsoft Office Outlook Web Access 2007 / 2010 (the OWA)
  • Integration into the Microsoft Remote Desktop Web Access
  • Protects the Microsoft ForeFront Threat Management Gateway (the TMG)
  • Integration into the Windows Credential Manager (Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows Server 2008 logon screen)

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Swiss SafeLab M.ID Agents

With Swiss SafeLab you receive a mature product and service for a powerful “virtual” token authentification. Swiss SafeLab M.ID can easily be integrated into existing environments and is probably the most convenient solution for the cloud.

Use Swiss SafeLab M.ID for securing your company portal and your employees can safely access into your network resources from their home.

You will find further information in our E-documents as well as in the download site/area.

See for yourself and check out the simplicity of the two-factor authentication with the mobile phone as a security token. As a registered customer you can download a fully featured demo version from the download area.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you happen to have any questions. We are your at disposal. Contact us today!

M.ID Server

Product Description
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Swiss SafeLab M.ID offers you the way to apply within a short period notice to plan, scale, implement and to use actively a reliable two-factor authentication solution.

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