Security Token

Swiss SafeLab Token

Our Security Token is Swiss Made - For You from Us

With the Swiss SafeLab Token, Swiss SafeLab delivers its own security hardware token into the market.  The use of the Swiss SafeLab Token is conceivably simple: The user enters his username and password, along with the currently displayed OTP (one-time password) – a possible M.ID PIN is no longer necessary. Each OTP can only be used one time.  If a login is declined based on a wrong user name or password, the user must wait for the next OTP to be displayed. The OTP interval time is 60 seconds.

Swiss SafeLab Security Token

The Swiss SafeLab Token is assembled on standard components of Swiss SafeLab, and is individually programmed by Swiss SafeLab. Since no master seed exists, it is impossible for one token OTP to be used as the OTP of another token.

Each Swiss SafeLab Token is equipped with an individual secret of 20 to 32 digits (similar to the mOTP Secret).  Swiss SafeLab does not store secrets of the delivered tokens.  An attack on the servers of Swiss SafeLab will have no impact on the Swiss SafeLab Tokens of customers.

 The battery run-time of a token is 2 to 3 years, depending on environmental factors.  If the battery is forcefully removed or the battery power is depleted, the token loses it programming and thus, can no longer be used for logins.

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