Why Swiss SafeLab M.ID Server?

Why Swiss SafeLab M.ID Server?

The data access of the future: Identification per SMS / "The virtual token"

There is no comparable product on the market that combines that many possibilities, features and functionalities as Swiss SafeLab M.ID Server. No other product offers such an amplitude and frequency, technically mature functionalities to such a cost-performance ratio! Swiss SafeLab M.ID is not just a simple two-factor-authentication solution – this solution emphasizes various distinguished valuable benefits from the bulk. The following list gives you an overview.

Benefits with Swiss SafeLab M.ID Server


  • High flexibility by individual and swift configuration
  • temporary users, for whom access is only necessary for a certain period of time
  • No proprietary hardware token required
  • Emergency setting in case of loss of the tokens (mobile phones) at hand
  • To log on  in an Internet Café is always possible (not possible with USB flash drive options)
  • Change/resetting of an Active Directory password without the assistance of an adminstrator

Expenses Costs

  • No annual obligation fees
  • No logistic effort nor mailing or shipping expenses
  • No hardware or equipment acquisition necessary
  • A complete package for securing of VPNs, web pages, appliances and portals
  • Saleable and optionally combinable without additional hardware or equipment acquisition
  • Mobile phones can be used in parallel with other text messages (SMS) solutions

Administration / Technics

  • No hardware or software installation on the client necessary
  • Connection to established user adminstration
  • Seamless integration into existing user administration
  • Swiss SafeLab M.ID initial User configuration in 1 minute
  • Platform independent
  • Seamless integration into the existing enviroment during the current operation
  • Deployment of updates during the current operation (no maintainance window necessary!)

Support / Actuality

  • Developed in Switzerland – a guarantee for fast and reliable support
  • The product is constantly being refined and can thus at all times cater to the clients requirements
  • Upgradeable by adding new agents (front end)


  • Emotional connection to the mobile phone conveys the self discipline in handling of the token and therefore achieves a very high acceptance with the users
  • High system stability without additional hardware or equipement acquisition
  • Scheduling allowed logon times per user
  • Different security levels configurable depending on the specifications (PIN, secret answer)


  • No enviromental pollution by additional equipment tokens or batteries (Green IT)

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M.ID Server

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Why Swiss SafeLab M.ID Server?
There is no comparable product on the market that combines that many possibilities, features and functionalities as Swiss SafeLab M.ID Server.

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