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SMS Providing Service Description

The data access of the future: Identification per SMS

No one wants to miss the liberty, which is gained through mobile computing any more. Nowadays, secure accesses to delicate sensitive data are required. In order to cover this requirement considerable customers have already use the Swiss SafeLab M.ID Server.

Swiss SafeLab goes a step further and offers companies and private individuals as well a powerful/high-performance text message providing in a cost-effective manner.. The outage of a well-known Swiss text message provider shows the vulnerability of these systems. Not so with Swiss SafeLab SMS providing. Our SMS providing offers access points (web services) inland and abroad. The benefits, of course, are obvious:


Your Advandages

  • fail-proof due to autonomous server locations
  • cost-effective due intelligent routing of the SMS to the various SMSCs
  • simple as no SMS credits have to be bought in advance and constantly supervised


Additional Features

  • Web Portal (SMS transmission, reporting, and a lot more)
  • detailed monthly billing of sent SMS
  • sub-accounts (different login credentials for same invoice recipient)
  • custom-tailored price plans
  • mapping of the SMS to individual cost centers (e.g. for the accountancy)
  • delivery of SMS with alphanumeric addressers (e.g. “YourCompany”)
  • bulk mailing on the basis of mailing lists (e.g. for alerting purposes)
  • possibility to store sent text messages (e.g for private individuals)
  • connection to Microsoft Outlook Mobile Service
  • XML web service gateway for the connection of internal developments
  • HTTP GET interface (e.g. for proprietary development)
  • e-mail to SMS service
  • Connection Observer Service (observes your internet connection, web site, …)
  • Document Protector (secured mailing of documents)
  • Transmission of SMS via CLI (Command Line Interface) utility

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Web Portal

Communication today without mobile phones is quite unimaginable – the same goes for communication with SMS. The Swiss SafeLab Text Message Portal offers you the following possibilities:

  • Bulk SMS (Flash text messages, caller ID detection cognition, allocation of cost centers)
  • Phone book
  • Creation of cost centers
  • Detailed statement of the sent SMS
  • Administration of the Outlook Mobile Service accounts
  • Overview and download of the invoices


Text Message Web Service

You develop software and would like to connect and integrate a conventional text message communication? Then use our web service. Swiss SafeLab SMS Web Sservices are available in diverse locations. With this redundancy your application will be fail-proof.

  • distribution of SMS
  • distribution of Flash SMS
  • allocation of cost centers
  • allocation of caller ID cognition
  • pre-defined error codes
  • SSL Secured communication


Email to SMS Service

Many alerting and monitoring systems only support the notification via e-mail. This constriction is elegantly waived with our e-mail to text message service. The integration of our e-mail to SMS service only takes 10 minutes.

  • distribution of SMS
  • long e-mail texts are separated in constituent SMS
  • SSL Secured communication
  • freely definable rules, which steer the realization of the e-mail to SMS

If you happen to have these and other needs, please do not hesitate to contact us. Gladly we will find a mutual solution, which will comply with your conception.


Connection Observer Service

The option “Connection Observer Standard” provides the possibility to observe the internet connections of your servers (e.g. web server, mail server and a lot more). If the Connection Observer fails to contact an observable server a alert message is sent to you by e-mail and/or text message. A further message is sent as soon as the connection is reestablished. You do not need to install any software on your servers: the connections are monitored from our SMS Gateways.


Document Protector

Swiss SafeLab Document Protector provides a secure transmission of your files by e-mail. All files are packed in a encrypted archive and sent by e-mail. The key to this archive is send by text message. This ensures a out-of-bound transmission of encrypted data and the according key. You may download the Swiss SafeLab Document Protector for free from the Swiss SafeLab SMS Providing Web Portal


CLI SendSMS Utility

The CLI (command line interface) SendSMS Utility may be used in batches, PowerShell scripts, shell commands or other applications. You may download the CLI SendSMS Utility for free from the Swiss SafeLab SMS Providing Web Portal.


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